We are pleased to introduce our company, City Lights Maintenance Inc.

Here at City Lights Maintenance we are known for our superior cleaning services and a detailed, trustworthy cleaning staff. With over ten years experience in the cleaning and maintenance industry, we offer top of the line services at a reasonable cost to our customer.

Our building maintenance services include office cleaning, stripping, sealing and waxing of vinyl tile, marble and terrazzo floors, daily buffing / burnishing of floors, cleaning bathrooms, stairwells, garbage removal, carpet shampooing, vacuuming, stainless steel cleaning, brass cleaning and more. Call us today for a free estimate.

‚ÄčCommercial Cleaning Services

City Lights Maintenance Inc. offers professional building maintenance services that cannot be compared to our competitors. We've been providing building maintenance services for over ten years. Floor waxing, carpet shampooing, brass cleaning, stainless steel cleaning and much more.

Cleaning Services For Businesses


Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services For Businesses

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We are known for our high quality yet competitively priced office cleaning services. Whether its one visit per or seven visits per week City Lights is here for you. From large corporate headquarters to small offices we service them all. We offer custom service packages that you design to help you get the most for your money.